The Behringer VMX1000 Pro DJ Mixer gives you super-smooth Ultraglide faders and a VCA-controlled crossfader for reliability and smooth audio performance. Behringer’s awesome XPQ stereo surround effect will give your mix an unmistakable finishing touch, and the adjustable crossfader curve lets it quickly adapt to various mixing styles. 3-band kill EQ (-32dB) with EQ on/off on stereo channels. Gain control and precise level meters on each channel. BPM counter keeps you in sync. There is also a split option and auto-talkover with separate depth and sensitivity control. The subwoofer output with adjustable crossover frequency and level control is perfect for putting some extra punch to your dance numbers. Extensive I/O includes balanced mains, mic, phone, line, aux, tape, and subwoofer connections.


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